Ocean has taken a hold of me.  I find myself thinking of her when I am alone.  I can smell her on my hair and taste her on my skin.

Ocean, I watch you moving.  Your breasts dark grey and swelling, creating currents as your heart leans towards the moon. 

Calling in the coloured languages of the sea birds, you sing in a racket of feathers, blue, black, white, and brown.   A siren’s lament, the companion who keeps you, but leaves you aching and pulsing, pulling you in steady waves against the shore. Lover moon, large and heady, caressing your horizon lines, giving you the briefest of kisses to rise distant in the sky.

Ocean, how your brother wind torments me.  He pulls at my clothes, hungry to take what warmth I have secreted away under layers of lanolin wool.  I hear your laughter rough and echoing, clouds and barnacles colliding as I shiver.

Ocean, take my paddle and guide me to your secret places.  Take my voice and I will alight on the winds with your songs.  Take me away, Ocean, and I will build you a boat as beautiful as your deepest blues.