How do you define progress?  How do you define presence?  How do you define commitment to your life and beliefs?

For the last two days I have housed a young Norwegian man who has been walking across the United States for three years.  He has walked through 48 states and is on his way to Alaska.  His travels are not direct and his philosophy not goal orientated.  He is alive and he is walking 50km a day, almost every day for over three years. 

Dan is a kind and gentle human.  He is intelligent and enlightened me in politics as well as  various historical actions that have changed the way the world operates.  I hired him to reclaim several garbage cans of clay for me and he spent all day yesterday in my basement running the pug mill. 

What is curious to me, is how I wanted to tame Dan.  The worn out clothes on his back and his sparse packsack were his possessions.  I want to buy him new clothes and find out what he was going to do with his life once this journey was over.  I want to put him in a box that was easier to understand because I could not quite accept that he was just walking.  That he did not read books at night and that he was a creature of motion and his existence was in the present moment. 

Dan showed me photos of mountains, road and people that he had encountered.  Dan showed me how to take photos of stars.  I learnt a little and I learnt a lot.