My name is Kaitlan Murphy and I am a carpenter/ potter based out of Revelstoke BC.  In April 2014, I began to build my tiny-house pottery boutique called Jumping Creek Pottery.  Jumping Creek Pottery has grown over the past years to a wholesale line and direct sales through my studio and through shows.  Feel free to contact me if you are passing through Revelstoke.

The pottery I make is directly influenced by my love of good food, quality craftsmanship and nature.  My days start early when I go outside to hike, bike, run, kayak or ski in the surrounding mountains.  Fresh air, time alone and heart- bursting scenery ground me and provide perspective for the day ahead. 

Each pot that I make is an improvement on the one that preceded it.  I am constantly trying to stream- line the process of throwing.  My pottery embodies stories, dreams, feelings and beliefs that I have garnered on my journeys.